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Case Studies

Camel Dip Mailer
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Camel Dip Mailer

3D technology and personalization grab consumer attention

As part of their strategy to make Camel a comprehensive tobacco brand, Reynolds American needed an effective direct mail campaign to get the word out to consumers on Camel Dip, their premium moist smokeless product. Standing out in the average consumer’s crowded mailbox isn’t easy, and it’s even more challenging in the highly regulated tobacco market. Reynolds decided to pique curiosity with a personalized 3-D mailing designed to look like a free log of dip with coded coupons redeemable for product discounts.

Executing this turnkey project turned out to be a bit of a challenge in terms of design, data management, and project coordination. The MPS team approach brought our resources to bear, going beyond print and packaging to include everything from design through fulfillment.


Ensuring compliance with government regulations–a top priority on any campaign–was made more challenging by the shrink sleeve. Extensive prototyping and testing was a critical factor in developing the final piece.

Dimensional—for a more compelling direct mail campaign

Of the finished label size by law had to include the Surgeon General warning, which meant planning ahead for distortion after the sleeves shrank

Rounds of comps to find the proper proportions of the shrink sleeve


The four finished pieces included a printed tube wrap applied to a custom mailing tube, a shrink sleeve overwrap, a poster with three perforated encoded coupon cards, and address labels. MPS went beyond ink on paper to collate and match mailing list names and codes inside and outside the mailer, ensuring that each recipient received the correct piece.

PIN numbers printed on promotional coupons and matched to mailing labels

Finished mailers drop-shipped through mailing house

Custom mailing tubes


MPS successfully brought the customer’s creative ideas to life with a sense of urgency—and we had to, given the tight time frame. The promotion had a three-week window in which to be completed, including the blind match between the PIN on the coupons and the address. This matching required multiple quality checks and inspections in place to ensure complete accuracy.

Weeks for the entire promotion to be designed, approved, and completed

Manufacturing locations