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Grand Marnier Gift Set

Grand Marnier Gift Set

Imagination and Resourceful-ness Relaunch a Brand

The true test of a classic is that it stands the test of time, and Grand Marnier is no exception. Thinking of new ways for a younger audience to enjoy this 150-year old liqueur, Marnier–Lapostolle launched a global campaign promoting Grand Marnier as a refreshing chilled cocktail. The campaign broke new ground with inventive and ambitious ways to chill and dispense the liqueur, inspiring the consumer to see this iconic brand in a completely new light.   

Visualizing how value-added packaging can be seamlessly integrated with the product is an invaluable initial step in creating a cohesive campaign.  Executing the ideas to deliver on the vision is an indispensible final step in ensuring success.


The challenge went well beyond printing and packaging to include product design, engineering, and prototyping of refrigeration units—and even into glassblowing—to create an experience that blended the core brand identity with the chilled theme.

Product concepts with agency-quality design renderings for the shot machine, shot bucket, shot glasses, cocktail dispenser, and pour spout  

Different cooling methods—refrigeration, icing and insulation

The ideal temperature of the chilled shot, requiring 110 minutes of cooling time in the shot machine


Refrigeration, chilling and insulation were integral to all the components in the campaign, requiring a range of materials, compliance with international standards, kitting and assembly. 

Promotional items

  • Shot machine,  with corrugated shipper and instructions
  • Injection-molded iced shot bucket to chill 750 ml bottle and 8 branded shot glasses
  • Etched glass shot glasses with fluted rims packed in corrugate shippers
  • Injection-molded cocktail dispenser packed out as a kit, including 3 parts, screws, screwdriver and assembly instructions
  • Neoprene bottle jackets with working zippers in 2 versions 
  • Holiday tins with thermoformed insert to hold two shot glasses
  • Corrugated display to hold 12 bottles in 375ml size
  • APET gift carton with thermoformed insert

Types of power adapters needed by international countries that received the promotional items

Materials, including rigid plastic, APET, PVC, glass, paper, neoprene, anodized metal, ABS, and corrugate.


MPS relied on our extensive network of partners to prototype, test and source the various components, all timed to arrive concurrently for the brand launch.

Different suppliers specializing in custom manufacturing of the various components. 

MPS manufacturing locations, including Indianapolis, Dallas, and Louisville