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Case Studies

Deadwood gift set: Seasons 1-3
Blizzard Starcraft II 60-day card
Bioshock 2 Display
Bruce Springsteen

Deadwood gift set: Seasons 1-3

Pushing Boundaries in Form and Function

For the Deadwood gift set, HBO was looking to push boundaries with their packaging, just like they pushed boundaries with the show itself.  They wanted to replace traditional plastic trays with paperboard pockets, something which had never been done successfully for Blu-Ray discs. They also wanted to give the package a weathered exterior evocative of the Old West and a glossy interior evocative of the Modern Western.

Exploring new possibilities for print and packaging technology is something we eagerly embrace, whether it’s new materials, new printing technologies, or a structural design challenge.  The solution to these packaging challenges often lies as much in the expertise of the team as in the available materials and technologies.


Because more data is packed into the Blu-Ray format, the discs are more sensitive to scratching than DVDs or CDs. MPS engineered a ground-breaking pocket design to secure the discs while protecting them from damage.

Hours of pocket design and engineering for the development

Prototypes for customer review and testing

Hours of testing pockets in a heat chamber at 170° F and 30% relative humidity to simulate international shipping conditions


In the end, the bookstyle package and slipcase combined our decorative technologies with laminated materials to create the style, function, and durability HBO desired.  With special coatings, film laminations, adhesives, and other unique solutions, standard materials became special packaging.

Disc pockets with scratch-resistant film lamination

Discs returned with playability issues

Materials, including paper, paperboard, metalized Mylar, various chipboard grades, and different film laminations 

Decorative technologies: TextureKote to create a distressed fabric exterior and Foil Stamping on the title treatment


MPS was able to draw on the resources of our team and vendor partners to begin delivering product 60 days after pocket approval. The complexity of the project involved multiple manufacturing locations, several printing technologies, and considerable project management.

Manufacturing locations, including Indianapolis, Terre Haute, Dallas and one outsource partner

Weeks of production time from start to finish