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HerbaLife Labels

HerbaLife Labels

Supply chain security and streamlined workflow for a natural fit

As a premier manufacturer of nutrition and weight management products, Herbalife takes product integrity very seriously. Their commitment to quality includes tracking each and every bottle from the filling line, through their global network of 2.5 million independent distributors across 74 countries.

While many companies struggle with the complexities of tracking individual pieces—not just SKUs—through the supply chain, MPS helped Herbalife streamline the process and make their brand promise a reality.


Developing an e-pedigree solution, combining conventional and variable printing that encodes in-line, all while maintaining run efficiencies and brand consistency required seamless coordination throughout the production process. Our turnkey solution flawlessly integrated code generation, digital print engines, high-speed code readers, and in-line visual inspection systems to ensure quality and traceability.

Unique 2D codes created, printed, and scanned per hour

Dedicated support team members to manage orders and production across multiple manufacturing locations


Our ability to provide one-stop shopping for Herblife’s extensive product line greatly simplifies e-pedigree implementation, streamlines sourcing management, and consolidates order tracking and monthly reporting. Combining the purchase of print and packaging with MPS also ensures color matching across all components for consistent brand identity.

SKUs, each with different copy and graphics


Components: carton, label, insert, and unique 2D-scannable security codes

Label formats: cut-and-stack paper labels, single-ply pressure-sensitive labels, and 2-ply extended-content labels


Our multiple facilities with flexible capabilities and built-in redundancies ensure the efficient distribution and supply chain security that are critical for the Herbalife brand. State-of-the-art code creation, data management, and inspection systems provide the foundation required for a secure supply chain.

MPS manufacturing facilities for efficient distribution and logistics

Delivery points

Days per order cycle

Printing technologies to accommodate a wide range of quantities and variable data requirements: flexography, offset, and digital